DNS Records Checker

DNS Record Checker is an online DNS Lookup Tool that checks all DNS records for any domain

DNS Record Checker we built checks all DNS records for any domain. This online tool collects the DNS info and presents all the DNS records for that domain intuitive and informative way for you.

You can perform the following DNS records lookup from our free tool:

  • A record lookup: Lists the IPV4 address of the domain.
  • AAAA record lookup: Lists the IPV6 address of the host.
  • CName lookup: Lists if the given address is an alias or subdomain of a Domain. All CName records points to a domain and not an IP address.
  • MX lookup: Lists the SMTP email server of the respective domain.
  • NS lookup: Lists out the names and details of the Authorative Name Server of the respective domain.
  • TXT lookup: Lists out machine-readable data such as encryption details, sender policy framework, DKIM, DMARC ...
  • SOA lookup

Example: Enter w3schools.com domain name - Click Check button - Results show all DNS records of w3schools.com domain:

DNS Record Checker Example 1

DNS Record Checker Example 2

DNS Record Checker Example 3