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Email Verifier - Free Online Tool

Email Verifier checks the validity of email address and really exists or not.

We built a powerful tool with over 99% accurate email validation, and A.I.-driven email scoring. We are always trying to improve and have helped countless numbers of email list brokers, email marketers, data centers, call centers, and lead generation groups for years. Let us help check your email lists.

Simple operation: Import your email list - Click Check button - Get email status list result.

Normally, other Email Verifier just check each email one by one. But with Email Verifier by you can bulk check for larger lists.

Help our Email Verifier more and more perfect: If you have any ideas for improving this tool, feel free to email us.

We promise not to share the email you input to check with anyone. We always ensure the security of your data.

Note: even if the email address is valid, it could still be a phishing email, so always be cautious if you receive an email with many unusual signs.

Example: Import your email list

Email Verifier Tool input Email list

Example: Get email status list result

Email Verifier Tool get status email list results