Unescape JSON

Do you need to unescape JSON data? Use our online tool to quickly and easily unescape JSON strings

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a widely used data interchange format in web development. It's lightweight and easy to read, but it can contain special characters that must be escaped to be adequately represented.

JSON unescaping reverses the escaping process and converts escaped characters back to their original form.

How to Use an Online JSON Unescape Tool

It's simple to use online JSON Unescape on trusted https://bestconverttools.com/json-unescape/. Upload or paste your JSON string. Click on the "JSON Unescape!" button. Copy unescaped JSON string.

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Example of JSON String for Unescape

JSON string Before Unescaping:

JSON string Before Unescaping

JSON string After Unescaping:

JSON string After Unescaping